Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here's a poem my wife Ellen wrote for our daughter Sam, who's six years old.

I added a photo of Sam on the carousel; it's a ritual almost every Sunday and any other day we go to Shangri-La Plaza mall.


Be my baby a little longer
I hope you'll always want to go on the carousel
And name all the pretty horses
or ride in that moon-shaped chair

Stay as you are just a little longer
Paint butterflies
Choose everything in pink
Write stories of princesses who live in fairy-tale castles
Ruled by good kings and queens

Hold on to my hand a little while longer
when we walk outside
look up to me with your sweet little smile
and ask me the baby questions you like to ask
"why?" "how come?" "but why?"

All too soon
You'll grow up into a little lady
Beautiful, wise, independent

And I dread the day
when you'll no longer want
to ride the pretty little horses.


The photo I added was taken a few years ago, and I suddenly realized that while I took pics of Sam on the carousel when she was younger, it's a routine I've somehow taken for granted.

But Ellen's poem and Sam's photo remind me that time flies by so fast, and that pretty soon, Sam will outgrow this ride. It's always been magical for us, because that carousel has been a part of her childhood from the time we moved here. She started out riding the swan when she was still small. I can't find a photo of her on the swan right now, but here's a photo taken in 2005.

Our children grow up so fast, and kids somehow seem to be in a hurry to become adults nowadays.

Let's not take the time we spend with them for granted.


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