Monday, June 2, 2008

Shangri-La Sunday

Sam and I went to Shangri-La Plaza yesterday, just the two of us because Ellen was resting.

Here's Sam on the carousel -- as I said in a previous post, the carousel at Shangri-La is a magical ride for us.

After the carousel, we went to Power Station, where Sam won 100 tickets at the Ocean Park game.

I've won stuffed toys for Sam on the Extra Play machine (the toy crane/UFO Catcher-type game) at least three times at Power Station and once at Timezone. We almost snagged another one yesterday -- I was able to grab the bear and was bringing it to the opening in the corner, and it came close, so tantalizingly close that Sam was already gleefully shouting, but dropped inches before it reached the promised land. Oh well, better luck next time.

Sam and I then passed by the store where Sam always had her picture taken before with the small bear. Time sure flies; Sam's now too tall for the little bear, so she had to move to the big bear.

Oh, and we love Waffle Time. No, Sam's not finishing off two waffle dogs heh the other one's mine :)

We also bought some DVDs at Astrovision. They're having a sale -- it's buy 1, take 1 for P199 for some titles, so we got two SpongeBob DVDs for the price of one, plus "Starship Troopers Special Edition" and "The Family Stone."

Yup, Shangri-La Plaza's our favorite mall.


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